Day One

June 1, 2010

Are you kidding me?

So, I had ran into a colleague who offered to let me “use” her course as an outline.  Absolute life-saver.  I began by comparing my print syllabus to her online syllabus and reconciled the documents to make things “online appropriate.”  Actually, although I have more assignments with my online course, I did have to cut some overall content (2 chapters and an essay).

I got everything to together and posted 4 folders: “Important Information Before Beginning This Couse,” “Week 1,” “Week 2,” and “Week 3.”  This is an 8-week course, so I felt good about tackling a 3-week chunk.

The course becomes available for student viewing at midnight.  I wake up at 8.  At 2 AM, I have not 1, but 2 angry emails from a student who cannot navigate my site.  She admits that this is her first online course and that she is already getting lost and frustrated.  Two hours.  She decided that in 2 hours that she was “lost.”  Wow.  I am very happy that I included the folder “Important Info. BEFORE Beginning This Corse.”  Distance ed. requires a certain amount of patience and dedication to self-learning that this particular student does not have.  Hopefully, the online readiness surveys will show her that and she will make adjustments accordingly.

Are you kidding me? 2 hours.  That’s at 2 AM.  “Lost.”


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