First due date

June 5, 2010

It came.  It went.  It was 11:55 PM (Why not midnight, no idea? The system was default to 11:55 and I couldn’t figure out how to change it).  My first due date.  Four assignments due.  Four assignments to complete in four days.  No assignment over 250 words.  Eight (out of 16) students did not find the time or the motivation to complete these 4 assignments.  I sent them email reminders, I put an announcement on the home page, I sent a desperate email an hour before everything was due detailing exactly what assignments were missing.  Still 8 students.

I expect that in the morning I should have about 6 (at least 2 won’t care in the slightest) equally desperate emails with desperate excuses and pleas for them to be able to submit the assignments.  What do I do?  Tough love?  Compassion?  I’ll let the nature of the predicted email determine my response.


One Response to “First due date”

  1. zeitz Says:

    Tough love is the only way that someone is going to learn. If they don’t care enough to follow the requirements of the assignment, then they will have to suffer the consequences.


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