How to ask students to drop your course

June 8, 2010

Nope. Zero.  That’s how many students cared when I removed drop boxes.  So, my new post is how to ask them to drop.  First of all, they will probably still get some sort or refund this early, second, I can stop being annoyed by seeing their inactive accounts on my course website.

Dear X,

As you have not been an active participant in our first week of class, you have missed a substantial amount of the total points of this course.  I suggest that you contact me immediately or drop the course in order to receive the refund.  However, at this point in the semester, I suspect you will not have the capability and resources to be successful.  I will sign any slip that releases you from this course.  I hope that you can find time to retake this course and be successful. [Notice that I end on an upbeat note?]

Best of luck,


2 Responses to “How to ask students to drop your course”

  1. Leigh Zeitz Says:

    You don’t fool around when you tell a student to “hit the road.” I suppose that it is better to be honest and direct than beating around the bush.


    • In an 8 week writing course, missing a week usually means missing the first essay. I would rather them be able to get a refund while they can. I certainly try and be direct, particularly in an online course.

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