3 week learning curve

September 16, 2010

Three weeks.  That’s what it takes.  About three weeks and the students weren’t asking where things were located.  Three weeks and things were being submitted on time.  Three weeks when frustration waned and technology competence set in.  How does an instructor handle a three week lag in an eight week course?

Perhaps this was just because it was their first online course.  I, too, as a first-time online student remember the three week learning curve.  However, now that I have several online courses on my transcript, the three week rule still applies.  Perhaps I have been able to cut the time down to 17 days, maybe even 16, but the curve is not with the technology so much as it is figuring out where the information is located.  It’s much like teaching in  a new building.  You need to find your room (the syllabus) and you need to know where the office is (course policies/schedules/guidelines).  You need to find the copy machine (how and when to submit assignments) and of course, you need to know where the bathroom is (frequently asked questions or an open-forum discussion board).  I have taught in a lot of different buildings; however, every time I teach in a new location, it doesn’t make finding these places any easier.


One Response to “3 week learning curve”

  1. Leigh Zeitz Says:

    3 weeks. I have never heard of that special number. It sounds about right. Now the question is whether or not they can figure out what to do in class by the time they figured out where to find the bathroom.


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