The future of “No Child Left Behind”

September 28, 2010 The Today Show

Accountability, accountability, accountability.  National curriculum?  National objectives?  “Buying into the system?”  Accountability, the accountability is in the standards.  International benchmarks? Have we stopped considering each student as an individual?

A bright spot: new ways to measure the achievement, outside of the “fill in the bubbles.”  There is much room for improvement in how “proficiency ” or “achievement” is defined and measured by NCLB in its current state.  I guess we get to wait and see.  I, as I must admit, am overly skeptical.


3 Responses to “The future of “No Child Left Behind””

  1. zeitz Says:

    I feel your pain. How can we evaluate student knowledge and skills with a bubble sheet? I would be interested in hearing about the alternatives in student assessment. Have you found any that are doable?


  2. Jarod Mozer Says:


    NCLB is becoming almost a hurdle for edcators. It’s really sickening because it doesn’t take any of the MI’s into account. Hope something is done to fix the problem.


  3. Mikael Says:

    It will be interesting to see how they change NCLB if they will do away with it or modify it. If they do away with what will they use to measure students knowledge and how do you measure what every child knows in the way that allows them to perform the best. I think regardless of what they do there will always be pros and cons and what works for one student will almost never work for someone else but how to we accommodate for that?

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