Educators, mount up!

October 25, 2010

“We as educators must become more literate ourselves in understanding the requirements of an increasingly technical and interconnected world. ”  Well, said, Ms. Davis, in her recent Cool Cat Teacher blog.

In this post, Ms. Davis focuses on new and emerging modes of writing.  Not only are 21st century learners writing traditional essays, they are blogging, posting, updating, collaborating in Google docs, Wikis, etc.  Curriculum must and can expand to include these emergent and influential forms of writing.  Therefore, it is first and foremost our challenge as educators to be abreast of these forms so that we are able to keep learners involved. 


3 Responses to “Educators, mount up!”

  1. Billie Cowley Says:


    I do think that our worries of “text writing” will slowly dissolve once we introduce new writing tools to Digital Age students. Kristen Turner(2010)writes a great article on when to allow students to use Digitalk and when formal writing is appropriate (

    Again, once we show students we as educators are embracing “the world”, they may be more receptive to working with us and not against us:)


  2. Mikael Rein Says:


    I agree with keeping our curriculum and teaching practices up to date. Writing is a very important tool of communication. It seems like there are becoming more and more ways to communicate through writing in this day and age.


  3. Jarod Says:


    Technology is truly changing the modes of writing throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how curriculum adjusts over the next five years.

    Jarod Mozer

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