Competing in a global market

October 28, 2010

So, the world is flattening; we all need 21st century skills.  Having a child or planning on having one?  How is this for planning?  What will our child need to know? (And what do we still need to know?)

“What are the jobs?” one of the guests asks.  The father says, “Children born today will spend part of their life abroad.”  What skills will they need?  Creative problem-solving, communication, quantitative and qualitative skills.  Middle-class will no longer mean “routine work.” Cue the Jetsons theme song.  Robots, fewer teachers, adaptability, high-level thinking.

Schools should and can teach creative problem-solving.  Check out Sarah Gardner’s report on NPR and then…be prepared to prepare.


2 Responses to “Competing in a global market”

  1. Billie Cowley Says:


    After listening to NPR, the future of education and the expectations of our children is very scary. Growing up I always thought living like the Jetsons would be neat, but now faced with that possibility is quite overwhelming. How will we educate our children to prepare them for the future? I think that society is changing so rapidly that we will constantly have to adjust what we teach.

    The future is a scary because of the unknown. I guess we can sit back and watch it go by or jump on for the ride!


  2. Jarod Says:


    It will be fun to see the future types of job opportunities as technology continues to shape our world. You do a great job of listing key skills that are necessary for a wide range of jobs. It is important to remember as educators that we are preparing students for careers that don’t even exist yet.

    Jarod Mozer

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