Second Life, beyond my first

December 1, 2010

Research Travel Tour
 – I was looking for locations that would help students conduct research, learn about research, and talk to others about research.  I tried to find a variety of sources that will offer students different options when completing projects involving research.  These sites make students responsible for their own learning, justify their research decisions, and make changes based on others inputs.  Not only do these sites provide avenues for research, they provide a learning community in which the student can develop professional and personal relationships.  While some sites help kick-start the research, some help continue it, while others help reflect about it.

Second Life Locations

  • Mecha Tiki Research
    • This location offers you access to different types of research with an overall art theme.  This allows you to experience some variety in your research and will give you some new ideas of things to include in your teaching.


  • Rockcliffe Deep Research Learning Environment
    • This location allows you to access different libraries, journals, and web sites that are dedicated to helping you conduct research and then cite the sources you have used.   For example, you can access here which will help you find resources in libraries near you.





  • Cedar Island
    • This location allows you to explore an area and see what other people have left behind for you to experience.  You can also access The Cedar Island News website which gives you access to blogs, and which is used as a laboratory for educational projects.





  • State Library of Kansas

One Response to “Second Life, beyond my first”

  1. Billie Cowley Says:


    I think the topic of research was a great idea for this project! I love the resources you found to assist in conducting research especially the libraries of other universities.


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